About the artist

Skaistė Verdingytė belongs to the middle generation of artists, she has actively been representing the Lithuanian artists’ community for more than a decade. The elements of surrealistic art and theatre can be found in her works. Since technics and professionalism are of major importance in painting and visual arts in general, we can track down Andrea Mantegna’s tradition in S. Verdingytė’s paintings, which reached Lithuanian art through the creative work of Stasys Ušinskas. The artist has also been influenced by the representatives of the School of Ferrara, namely, Cosimo Tura, Carlo Crivelli, Giorgio de Chirico as welll as Algimantas Švėgžda, Sofija Veiverytė and other artists’ oeuvres.

Skaistė Verdingytė is a member of Mural Art Department of Lithuanian Artists’ Association. Since 2006, she has participated in the ‘Slaptųjų piešėjų draugija’ (Secret Draftsmans’ Society - drawing human figure from life studio) of Lithuanian Artists’ Association activities.



2021 m. – 'The Awakening', 'Fojė' gallery, Trakai

2009 m. – 'Diaries', 'Arka' gallery, Vilnius

2008 m. – 'Fayoum', St. John's street gallery, Vilnius

2008 m. – 'ZTVA', St. John's street gallery, Vilnius

International exhibitions and residencies: Austria, Egypt, Macedonia, France, Turkey.


2022 m. – 'The Tenth Drawing Exhibition', Secret Draftsmans’ Society, Vilnius

2022 m. – 'Figura Metaphisica', Užutrakis manor

2022 m. – 'Centuries of Present', 'Fojė' gallery, Trakai

2022 m. – 'Salve Vilnius', Energy and Technical museum, Vilnius

2021 m. – 'Résistance', Paul Conti gallery, France

2021 m. – 'Figura Metaphisica', Užutrakis manor

2021 m. – Portrait-Study exhibition 'Portrait mania', Vilnius

2021 m. – Secret Draftsmans’ Society's exhibition, Mažeikiai

2021 m. – 'The Ninth Drawing Exhibition', Secret Draftsmans’ Society, Vilnius

2020 m. – 'Salve Vilnius', Trakų Vokė manor

2020 m. – 'FIGURE 2020 Drawing / Creation', Vilnius

2020 m. – virtual exhibition: 'Eros' Dream. Sketches of Soft Erotica', Trakų vokė

2019 m. – '100 percent of Nude', Vilnius

2019 m. – Secret Draftmans' Society's exhibition, Kaunas

2017 m. – 'Drawing ++', Secret Draftmans' Society, Vilnius

2017 m. – 'Nudes', Secret Draftmans' Society, Vilnius

2016 m. – Osten Biennial of Drawing, Skopje, Macedonia

2015 m. – National drawing exhibition 'Through Form to Content', Vilnius

2012 m. – National drawing exhibition, 'Arka' gallery, Vilnius

2011 m. – 'About That', exhibition of women painters, Vilnius townhall

2011 – 2018 m. – Secret Draftmans' Society's exhibition at LDS gallery Vokiečių g. 2, Vilnius

2008 m. – Exhibition in Salzburg's international summer academy of fine arts gallery, Hallein, Austria

2008 m. – Exhibition in the Fayoum art center, Fayoum, Egypt

2007 m. – Exhibition in the Hohensalzburg fortress, Salzburg, Austria